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DRIVEN is primarily a raiding guild.  We believe in progression of our guild with teamwork.  If you are not a team player this is not the guild for you.

Currently we are working on completing Dragon Soul.  Raiders must keep in mind that the raid team is not set in stone and replacements are available.  If you are late, a replacement will come in and you will sit out the raid.  If you are a no show, without notice, you will forfeit the next raid scheduled.  Plan on being ready for an invite fifteen minutes before the scheduled raid and inside the dungeon at 9pm server time. 

DRIVEN's Code of Conduct:

  • Authenticators - we ask that every member obtain one.  Blizzard offers several options here, if you have a smart phone there is a free app. that you can download.  There is also a free call in service that you can register for.  Blizzard also sells an authenticator keychain for about $5.00 (US).  This request is more for your account protection than the guilds.  Let me know if you need more information here.
  • Elitist attitudes are not tolerated.  We are a TEAM.  When this type of behavior is observed by an officer, you will be asked to refrain.  Repeated offenses may result in removal from the guild. 
  • You will never see any officer or member of DRIVEN point fingers and ridicule another member.  This is a promise I make to each and everyone of you.  We are a team, mistakes are made by the team, victory's are won by the team.  Anyone that is guilty of pointing fingers, ridicule, etc. will immediately removed from the event, and officer's will decide if that individual will remain in DRIVEN.  I can assure you that most will not.
  • Participation in guild events - raids, dungeons, meetings, etc. is expected.  We work hard on team building and the inclusion of every member in all events that are level appropriate.  For our newer and lower level members we will make every attempt to assist you in leveling and gearing your character.
  • Raiders will be inspected prior to raids to ensure they have appropriate gear, gems, enchants and reforges in place.  As we strongly adhere to this code any Raider that is found to not have equipped these items, will sit out the raid until all gear is up to standard..
  • Chat channels.  Most of us are adults and we expect all members to act as adults.  We do not spam trade chat, or any other public chat channels.  We do not make obscene comments or use profanity.  These behaviors reflect poorly on the guild as a whole and warnings will be issued.  Repeated offenses may result in removal from the guild.
  • Vent - Creedd has graciously provided us with a vent server.  There is no reason for guests to be on our server unless they are a member of a guild event.  Again, as we are mainly adults, we expect adult behavior.  Keep the profanity to a low level, obscene comments will not be tolerated, and general rude or disruptive behavior will have you removed from vent.
  • Ignore list - Guild members will not be put any other member on their ignore list.  If there is a problem, that cannot be worked out among yourselves let a guild officer know.  Again, we are a team and we all need to learn to work together.
  • Guild Bank - I have provided the ability for members to make repairs thru the guild banking system.  I ask that each of you when possible to aide me in donating gold and/or materials to the bank.  We all benefit from a bank that is well stocked.  Herbs, ores, gems, cloth and any crafted items are welcome.  Items that are used for disenchanting are welcome as we put the mats back into the bank to use for guild enchants.  Most items are available within reason for direct withdrawal, some items are on my private tab, which can be seen.  I will withdraw items on an individual basis from this tab upon request.  Every member has the right to request or remove items from the bank for enchants, gem's, etc.  We have many highly skilled member's available to help you, each one will do so at no charge as long as necessary resources are available.  Without your help, this is not possible.

I realize that some may think I am pointing fingers at individuals, I am not.  I want everyone in this guild to feel like it is their guild, their game home.  We are a Team.  When we work as a team, nothing can stop our progression in being one of the best guilds on this server.  I appreciate each and everyone of you.

When I first started this guild, I was harassed by a couple of other guild's members.  We were a "fail" guild, we would never make it. They laughed at my resolve and conviction that this guild would grow.  I am proud to say that with the help of  each one of our members, we are growing, we are thriving.  There is no more harassment and I and a few other members can just smile at the ones that said we'd never make it.  Well, our time has come.

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